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Marko Service has been an air forwarder since the beginning of its existence. Air transport has become a basis for the further development of our company. We have concluded contracts with virtually every airline operating from/to . Therefore, we ensure a full control of your shipments, from their reception from the sender, customs clearance, air transport, to the delivery of goods to the final recipient. At the same time, being a member of the largest forwarding networks in the world, we can provide you with the best and the most competitive air transport rates, including import. 
Our own customs agency division at the Okęcie Airport in Warsaw and full service at other Polish airports ( Poznań , Wrocław , Kraków, Gdańsk ) puts us in the forefront of Polish companies in terms of versatility and compatibility of our services.
It is important to add that our customers have effected customs clearance at the Warsaw Airport terminal already since 1993, which ensures and guarantees a fast and efficient service of the entire logistic process.
Taking into account the transport possibilities and tendencies of airlines for heavy or oversize shipments, we offer a combination of air transport and road transport and the delivery of a shipment to you with the exclusion of the Airport.
Our latest proposal is the delivery to via European airports, e.g. Frankfurt , with the final customs clearance effected in the EU territory. We presume that the advantages of this solution do not need any recommendation.

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Marko Service Ltd  covers all over Poland and  150 locations all over the globe.

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What type of Air freight Service we offer?

Marko Service Ltd offer full range of airfreight services as follow.

  • Direct airport-airport airfreight service
  • Consolidation
  • Courier
  • Hand Carry (On Board Courier)
  • Dangerous Goods
  • Time Sensitive Cargo
  • Temperature Control Shipments


  • Textile Logistics

    Textile Logistics

  • Retail Logistics

    Retail Logistics

  • Oil & Gas Logistics

    Oil & Gas Logistics