E-shop services

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E-shop Logistics

Part of a well-functioning and successful online shop, next to smart marketing campaigns and good prices, are fast and efficient logistics. Wellpack offers solutions for small and medium sized companies in the form of outsourcing of logistics services. Focus on your products and sales to customers

Efficient supply chain

The cost of external service for the online shop depends on a range of factors. In order to be able to compare offers from various service providers, it is worth to consider the following prices:

  • the price of packing of a line or a piece per order,
  • the price of administrative handling of the order (document and billing printouts),
  • the price of warehousing per comparable volumetric unit (pallet, shelf),
  • the price of the acceptance of delivery along with a description of the operation (pallet/box/piece receipt, quantitative and qualitative inspection, placement of the goods in the warehouse),
  • the price of consumables (types and weights of cardboard boxes, scotch tape, fillers, wrapping film),
  • the price of order dispatch (which courier company, adjustment of the weight range and prices to the product range of the specific online shop),
  • the price of handling complaints and returns,
  • the price of account handling (is there an account manager, what is the manager’s role, is there a contact phone number, e-mail, a hotline).


We’ll take care of the rest. Within the scope of our program for online shops, we offer a complete, comprehensive range of “tailored” services.

  • Pallet as well a itemized receiving of goods from suppliers
  • Depositing goods in our warehouse
  • Warehouse records according to the required parameters, inventorying, reporting
  • Warehousing, records, sending shipments from the customer’s IS, or our IS 
  • Receiving and processing of orders
  • Picking – pallet, unit VO, itemized 
  • Printing of bills of goods, invoices, shipping documents, shipping labels 
  • Insertion of documents, packing as required, labeling with shipping labels 
  • Handover of goods to shippers (B2C shipments – Polish Postal Service, B2B shipments – courier services) 
    • Online data transfer to the shipper’s system
    • Online shipment monitoring (Tracking&Tracing) 
    • Delivery of shipments within the Poland  within 24 hours, within 48 – 72 hours in Europe
  • Accompanying services as needed by the customers


When you have shipment out of EU

When you need help with customs problem, terms of delivery, need issue letter of credit, looking for wordwide supplier etc

When you need full service with delivery system to your customers including warehousing, transport, packing, completation etc