Personal Warehousing

wh personal


We offer

  • standard warehousing - we keep your staffs in our warehouse . You have acces to your belongings only during our working hours. It is suitable when you have pretty big volume of your goods
  • self storage is a little more expensive per m2 but it is separate space only for you with acces 24/7

Efficient supply chain

Everything you need to deliver your belongings to our warehouse

  • transport
  • packing
  • completation
  • insurance
  • courier services
  • relocation services
  • distribution


Our advantages

  • short term agrements
  • acces 24/7/365
  • monitoring
  • individual insurance policy
  • packing materials
  • courier services 
  • relocation service


We bring your goods safely from worldwide with our great courier freight services. We also have tailored logistic service for individuals who selling something in their internet shop or Ebay but have no time to cover all handling and logistic issue including warehousing and distribution within Poland and EU.

We have a wide experience in removal and reloaction services for companies and individuals. Both import and export. We can offer door-to-door service or to save cost just transport only.

We provide full supply chain management package including transport cars by sea (container and ro-ro), by tow trucks for international and local routings, by railway to CIS countries