Tank and Flexitank

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Tank and Flexitank transport

We offer

  • standard warehousing - we keep your staffs in our warehouse . You have acces to your belongings only during our working hours. It is suitable when you have pretty big volume of your goods
  • self storage is a little more expensive per m2 but it is separate space only for you with acces 24/7

 To limit risk and maximize efficiency, your flexitank logistics specialist should have:

  • A global network of transport and flexitank handling specialists
  • A network of companies to fit and transport flexitanks domestically
  • Insurance that cover all aspects of the flexitank transport process
  • Adequate inventory of flexitanks strategically located worldwide
  • Cloud-based IT systems designed for international freight forwarding and logistics management


Flexitank logistics is a specialized business that requires knowledge of tank technologies, ocean cargo dynamics, and international trade documentation. Only integrated flexitank and transport companies like Marko Service Ltd have all these capabilities.


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Temperature Control

When temperature is important. Frozing or heating. In transport and in warehouse.

When your cargo is BIG

When you love your pet so much