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Sea transport is the oldest form of international transport. Over the hundreds of years, it has evolved into the biggest and the most important kind of intercontinental transport.

Obviously, along with the development of transport and the progress of technical revolution, methods of transport, types of ships and rules of transport also changed. However, deliveries by sea undoubtedly constitute a large potential.

In the last few years, we have associated most sea transports with sea container transports (which has become irreplaceable in the trade exchange of non-bulk goods). But not everybody knows that smaller shipments, i.e. general cargo shipments, can also be transported this way  LCL.

We must also remember that bulk cargo ships, tank ships and steel or iron ore transport ships are still in use. All of these ships represent conventional shipping.

If we hire a ship for a specific voyage from point A to point B with a cargo that is only for us, this kind of transport is called „tramp transport”.

We provide services in all of the aforementioned kinds of transport, of which container transport is the most important to us. We must stress, however, that the popularity of general cargo transport and tramp transport has also increased recently.

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What type of Sea freight Service we offer?

Marko Service Ltd offer full range of seafreight services as follow.

  • Direct full container Service - FCL
  • Consolidation - groupage service LCL
  • Break Bulk (conventional shipments)
  • Cars shipping and Removal
  • Dangerous Goods
  • Oversized and Overweight Cargo
  • Temperature Control Shipments


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    Textile Logistics

  • Retail Logistics

    Retail Logistics

  • Oil & Gas Logistics

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