Sea Containers

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Full container load (FCL) is offered on a door-to-door or port-to-port basis and everything in between all over the world. We position containers at your facility to fit your schedule and offer flexible schedules to and from locations worldwide to meet even the most demanding shipping requirements. Whatever the destination, we will deliver your cargo on time and within budget – across borders, across continents and across the globe.

Efficient FCL transport

Liner shipping is the most efficient mode of transportation of goods. In one year, a single large containership could carry over 200,000 container loads of cargo. While individual ships vary in size and carrying capacity, many container ships can transport up to 8,000 containers of finished goods and products on a single voyage. Similarly, on a single voyage, some car carrier ships can handle 7,600 cars. It would require hundreds of freight aircraft, many miles of rail cars, and fleets of trucks to carry the goods that can fit on one large liner ship.


  • all kind of containers : dry, reefrs, Open top, flat rack, tank, flexitank
  • all kind of goods : general cargo , IMO, fragile, liquid, frozen cargo
  • regular at least weekly departures
  • cost effective, save and almost punctual


When you have few palets cargo only

When you have oversized cargo by sea

When your cargo is unpacked in large quantities.