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Temperature control


temperature control

Temperature control shipments required transport and handling in specific temperature.

Main commodity

  1. fresh  vegetables
  2. frozen meat
  3. temperature control pharmaceuticals
  4. temperature control transplant

Whether your product requires ambient, cool, frozen, or “Protect from Freezing" the professionals at Marko Service are experienced in all aspects of temperature controlled service


These are some tips to remember when you shipping frozen cargo

 Humidity level and ventilations must be closed.

You must not exceed the maximum height of the container.

Packings must be moisture resist and must be able to maintain the temperature

Cargo must me pre frozen to the ideal temperature.

All the required labels must be set on such as temperature labels, fragile labels, this way up labels

Requirements must be written on given documentation.


We successfully handling clinical trial/ life science/ temperature control shipments for many pharmaceuticals companies/ Labs/ Hospitals,

We  provide logistics management solutions to our clients as per their needs and demand. We set-up delivery and follow-up solutions accordingly,

Our IT team set-up a software to track the information's on delivery details along with shipments temperatures, or if any other information needed by our clients.



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Temperature Control

When temperature is important. Frozing or heating. In transport and in warehouse.

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When your cargo is BIG