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International road transport (trucking) is the main type of transportation inside Europe and former Soviet Union countries; it is also used to complement other means of transport, including air, sea and railway transport. Do what you will, you can’t get anywhere without a car.

Our company bases its activity on cooperation with independent carriers in Poland and abroad. That is why we are in a position to offer fast truckage services in Europe and in the former Soviet Union at competitive prices.

The company participates in numerous networks and commercial transportation auctions. We use the latest technological solutions to arrange domestic and international transportation on the best terms possible.

We often join road transportation with our air (Frankfurt) and sea (Hamburgcontainer carriage) transportation services.

From the very beginning, we continuously develop and improve the quality of our services, relying on an experienced staff and a varied car fleet, which is adapted to individual needs of our customers.

We are a dynamic company that can offer you a reliable and timely reception of goods from the place of loading and their delivery to the place of unloading.

We specialise in transport across the whole
Europe and CIS. Our business partners are mainly Polish enterprises – important market players that put their trust in us. We also co-operate with numerous customers from abroad.

Our current equipment includes: 
- standard semitrailers with a length of 13.6 m, a cubic capacity of 85 m3 and a load capacity of max. 24 t, 
- semitrailers for transport of cargoes with a cubic capacity of 120 m3 and a load capacity of max. 24 t, 
- delivery trucks with a load capacity of 1.5-4.5 t, 
- low-loading semitrailers, 
- animal transport vehicles, 
- dump trucks. 

We also organise general cargo transport and additional loading.
General cargo shipments (LTL) are made through organised regular LTL networks. These include regular shipments from all across Europe made, as a rule, on a weekly basis, or more often.

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Marko Service Ltd  covers all over Poland and  150 locations all over the globe.

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What type of Road freight Service we offer?

Marko Service Ltd offer full range of road transport services as follow.

  • Direct full truck - FTL
  • Groupage service LTL
  • Part Loads
  • Cars shipping and Removal
  • Dangerous Goods
  • Oversized and Overweight Cargo
  • Temperature Control Shipments


  • Textile Logistics

    Textile Logistics

  • Retail Logistics

    Retail Logistics

  • Oil & Gas Logistics

    Oil & Gas Logistics