Road Full Truck



Marko Service Ltd offer wide range of full  truck road services.

We offer :

  • tilt trucks
  • reefer trucks 
  • trolley trucks
  • tank trucks
  • low deck trucks

Efficient road transport

Road transport is the most common mode of transport in the world. We can carry any kind of cargo and  in any quantity. 

  • Door to door
  • Accept temperature control shipment
  • Accept ADR (dangerous goods) cargo
  • Accept Liquid Cargo
  • Accept big project cargo
  • It is necessary for air, rail and sea transport


Marko Service Ltd accept all kind of goods  for full trucking service. From small trucks 1000kg up to oversized cargo 250 ton.

The main advantages of full truckload (FTL) is that the space of the truck is fully utilized, so we are achieving the lowest cost/ton/km ratio. iIn FTL the freight is never handled during transport so decreasing the risk of handling damage, getting lost, stolen etc.

  • Faster delivery than LTL
  • Less damage and lost.
  • Price per km is in general lower than per kg like in LTL
  • Flexible time of loading and unloading compare to courier and groupage transport


When you need fast delivery for not full trucks shipments.

When you have paletized cargo and looking for cheapest way

When you have small parcels or need fast delivery.