Freight Forwarder from Poland by air, sea, road and rail.

Road Courier



You can use global courier operator service when you have small parcel or palet and need fast delivery

Efficient supply chain

Fast delivery , quite not expensive when you have not much cargo.

  • The next day delivery
  • Economical in small parcels
  • Quite enough good standard
  • Electronic tracking and POD


Efficient door-to-door transport to worldwide destinations by road or air for smaller shiments and parcels.

  • Higher quality service by optimizing transport routes, means of transportation and reducing costs
  • Strong optimized supply chain infrastructure that will make a competitive advantage to your business
  • Synchronized demand and supply which will enable easier and more accurate predictions of your clients needs
  • Effective quality measurement and monitoring will enable you to reduce costs and optimize your business.


When you have enough cargo for full truck or you need fast delivery

When you need fast delivery for not full trucks shipments.

When you have paletized cargo and looking for cheapest way.