Personal Local Transport

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We are only one of few forwarders who want to do transport for individuals.

Why? because it is one time business which required sometimes big efforts to meet requirement and condition of customers.

If we add  goverment special protection procedure to protect personal data of customer then we see why not many forwarders like to do it.


Efficient supply chain

Our offer include also

  • consulting service - what you need to do
  • all kind of transport -air/sea/road/rail also for individual import 
  • relocation and moving
  • low deck transport for harvester or loader
  • part load for unpaletized cargo (not accepted by courier)
  • courier cost cheaper than your rates
  • transport your car when you buy new or damaged on vacation etc


Individuals who has occasionally transport cant meet requirements for good rates from Giant couriers, forwarders or Carriers.

Then we can help.

We offer all kind of  transport services from small local city courier  up to import new car from Dubai or USA by sea freight.


Sometimes when have to change your flat or house you need temporary warehouse to keep your furniture and other personal belonging. We are at your hand.

We have a wide experience in removal and reloaction services for companies and individuals. Both import and export. We can offer door-to-door service or to save cost just transport only.

We provide full supply chain management package including transport cars by sea (container and ro-ro), by tow trucks for international and local routings, by railway to CIS countries