Air Courier On Board



We understand emergency logistics as a comprehensive service. It is therefore only logical that we also offer hand carry and on-board courier services (OBC): With hand carry, a staff member accompanies your time-critical small parcel personally and monitors each transport step or loading process – up to the safe and timely personal handover to the recipient. We deliver internationally – regardless of whether it is urgently needed medicine, important documents or rare spare parts.

Efficient supply chain

If the shipment is to be carried on board an aircraft, our on-board courier brings your package as a passenger to the destination airport or directly to the recipient. Once we have confirmed your order, we take care of airline tickets, transport documents, visa and customs clearance. We calculate the exact price for you and determine a meticulous schedule for pick-up, air transport and delivery of your urgent shipment.

  • Congestion management for the supply chain of automotive suppliers
  • Fixed contact person for the entire process
  • Over 20 years of experience in emergency logistics, e.g. for the automotive industry
  • Assistance with customs clearance


Speed is usually a key factor in why clients use our hand-carry courier services for ad hoc shipments – but it’s not just about how fast an OBC can deliver an item. Particularly when delivering prototypes it is important to deliver the item in a safe and secure way without it passing through several different hands. Showcasing a product sample in a new market can mean big business for our clients.greater pleasures, or else he endures pains to avoid worse pains.

  • 24 hours service
  • Ready for action at any time
  • Synchronized demand and supply which will enable easier and more accurate predictions of your clients needs
  • Reliable processing and timely delivery (just-in-time)
  • We obtain all necessary permits


For fast delivery +45kg shipments

When you have small parcel.

Cheaper than air faster than sea.