Air-Sea Freight


air-sea freight

Nowadays this type of transport is not very popular and important because prices in airfreight is now quite low. 

Main routes was sea freight from Far East busy airports like Shanghai/Taipei to sea port like Dubai / Seul, After that it was transfered to airport and was sent by air  to final destination.

Efficient supply chain

Now we do not know any regular efficient air-sea service.

  • We should wait for economy growing


Now we didn't sea reason to use this transport. It was efficient when airfreight from China was 4-5 USD/kg when in air-sea 2-2,5 USD/kg. Now airfreight from China is around 2-3 USD/kg. 

  • Will be efficient when economy will grow and pure airfreight will be more expensive.


For fast delivery +45kg shipments

When you have small parcel.

When time is so important.